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Evie Delatosso Reality Kings features three hot female friends all wearing tiny bikinis and showing off their sexy bodies and big tits. There’s the brown haired chick at the left side wearing yellow and pink bikini, in the middle we see a busty blonde with curls and yellow and pink bikini too and last is Evie Delatosso wearing a pair of pink and blue bikini.

Evie Delatosso’s girl friends had a naughty idea. They pulled her bikini top to side to reveal her big breasts with pink nipples. Both hot babes are now sucking on Evie’s nipples and she seems to like it a lot.

Evie Delatosso and her brown haired friend show off large tits. These competitive girls want to see who has bigger assets. It gets even kinkier when their blonde girl pal squirts some clear oil on them.

Evie Delatosso continues the competition with her friend as they both suck the cock of the same guy. The two of them are out to see who can make him cum first. The guy with a tattoo on his right arm is surely enjoying this much attention.

Evie Delatosso and her two girls experience a big cumfest as two cocks explore on their pretty faces. Evie is pouting, the blonde has her mouth open and the brown haired babe has her mouth dripping with cum.

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Evie Delatosso likes the outdoors. She loves getting her dose of sunshine and heat. Here she is wearing a pink top with the neckline down to expose her big boobs with light pink areola and nipples.

Evie Delatosso takes off her top and starts getting herself wet. She pours some clear liquid on her large natural breasts.

Evie Delatosso loves cock. She likes them every single day. What this brunette babe likes most is wrapping her pretty little mouth around a cock and sucking it wildly. Here, that is exactly what she is doing as a guy’s cock is shoved into her mouth.

Evie Delatosso is licking tip of this lucky guy’s dick while they are in a room with a black couch. While she is doing that, we can also see her large breasts.

Finally, the guy cannot take it any longer and shoots his load on Evie Delatosso’s face. Evie seems to like the cum facial that she got. She has a slight smile on her face.

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Evie Delatosso looks absolutely beautiful in a light pink Grecian top and gold necklace. Her dark hair is straight and her make-up is not too much. She is joined by a friend who is a little bit taller than her and has darker skin. Evie’s friend is a busty girl wearing purpletop with hoop earring and purple necklace to boot.

Evie Delatosso and her friend hop at the back of a car. Once inside, the girls got naughty and went ahead to show off their nice big breasts. Her friend is pouting while Evie gives off a big smile.

Evie Delatosso and her friend finally reach their destination. As they are getting out of the car we get to see that both are wearing skimpy shorts and they both have smashing bodies.

Evie Delatosso and her busty friend are sitting on a striped couch with a fireplace at the back. Just like what they did inside the car, they also show off their tits even with their shirts still on. We can see that Evie’s nipples are light pink and her friend’s are dark in colour.

Friends share everything! And here, Evie Delatosso and her friend share a horny moment as they do a threesome. Here, Evie grinds on top of a guy while her friend is the one sucking her breasts.

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There is no question about it, aside from her nice rack, Evie Delatosso ‘s eyes are also her major assets. Here we see her wearing eye make-up that emphasizes her beauty. She is wearing a light green top but it has been pulled down to waists, exposing her tits.

Evie Delatosso’s hands on a white sink. She is standing up so we have a good view of Evie’s sexy body. She is wearing only her white shorts because her light green top is already on the counter.

Evie Delatosso pulls us in for a closer look at her juicy large breasts. She has such a gorgeous pair. Her areolas are just right and her nipples are tiny and light.

Evie Delatosso  turns around and starts to remove her white shorts. We can now sneak a peek at her blue and green thongs.

Evie Delatosso’s legs are spread apart. There is a blonde guy with his head next to her crotch. We can see that Evie has smooth pussy lips with only a little patch of hair.

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Evie Delatosso is a 29 year old porn actress. She was born on July 7, 1983. Evie has dark brown hair and her measurements are as follows: breasts- 34D, waist – 25 inches, hips -35 inches. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall (157 cm) and weighs 105 pounds (48 kg).

Evie Delatosso started in the adult entertainment business in the year 2007, at the age of 24. She has been previously known as Marta, Evie Dellatossa before her current screen name of Evie Delatosso. This dark haired babe has over 55 adult films appeared in a lot of photo shoots. She has worked with production companies such as Reality Kings, Bang Bros. Network and Naughty America.

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 Evie Delatosso  shows off her sporty side as she wears a white baseball cap and a white shirt with a collar. She has a bright smile on her pretty face too.

Evie Delatosso gets naked and shows us her really big boobs and poses to give us a glimpse of her smooth pussy.

Evie Delatosso is lying down with her legs spread apart. She starts to play with her cunt using her right hand. She is squeezing her left tit and tugging on her nipple with her other hand.

Evie Delatosso is massaging back of guy while she is naked. We can see that her breasts and cute nipples are right next to his back. We’re pretty sure this guy is getting a hard-on right now.

Evie Delatosso opens mouth, sticks her tongue out and does what she does best—suck cock. Evie’s guy is sure to get a lot of pleasure from this hot beautiful babe.

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